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Three generations of a family are affected in different ways by mnemophrenia, a psychosis caused by advanced Virtual Reality (VR) films that blends real and artificial memories

Part 1: THE BEGINNING (near future)

Part 2: TOTAL CINEMA (mid future)

Part 3: HOMO MNEMONICUS (far future)


            (near future) 

​A new psychosis is arising from the use of advanced Virtual Reality (VR) films, specifically the Memory Palaces brand. Experts call it ‘mnemophrenia’ – the inability to distinguish real and artificial memories.
In the near future, JEANETTE is making a documentary to raise awareness about the new condition, having discovered her first love Douglas was a fake memory from a VR film series.


            (mid future)

A significant percentage of the population is now mnemophrenic. Attitudes are in flux. Is it an adverse condition to be cured, or a new mental toolset in an evolving culture?


Jeanette’s grandson NICHOLAS – one of the first humans born mnemophrenic – is developing the next generation of the technology, which he believes can be used for good; but he is caught between his own ideals, his funders’ corporate agenda, and an underground group advocating an all-mnemophrenic society.


            (far future)

By the time of Nicholas's granddaughter ROBYIN, the whole world is mnemophrenic. She is leading research into shared consciousness through mnemophrenia using brain-implanted chips. When she discovers she has a rare blood disease, she sees a rare opportunity to explore her mortality for the benefit of humankind, shepherding it towards its next evolutionary step.

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