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Film Threat (9/6/20)


Eirini Konstantinidou and lead actor/co-writer, Robin King talk about the film and explore the extremely unique filmmaking processes that went into crafting this mind bending narrative.

As the podcast hosts said: "This film from Eirini Konstantinidou was a joy for us to view and definitely is a fantastic example of how sci fi can be used to convey complex ideas and stories."

Eirini Konstantinidou (writer/ producer/ director) and Robin King (co/writer/ actor) had a great conversation about the ideas behind Mnemophrenia, the way the film was made and what's planned for the future at the 100th episode of the podcast. And most importantly, about the release of Mnemophrenia on the 25th of October!

Eirini Konstantinidou (writer/ producer/ director) talks about winning the Festival Director's Commendation award at Boston SciFi Film Festival; the possibility of mnemophrenia becoming a reality; making a feature film with no money; and where the film might go next.

Eirini Konstantinidou (writer/ producer/ director) and Robin King (co-writer/ actor) are on air between 27:45-39:09 and 42:43-55:51.
They talked about Mnemophrenia, its world premiere at Boston Sci-Fi Fest, its origins in Eirini's PhD research, using improvisation in sci-fi, and the realities of independent filmmaking.

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