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"Need your faith in indie films restored?

Look no further than Mnemophrenia.

Compelling. Smart. Integrated. Great story.

It bodes well for director Eirini Konstantinidou.

She’s someone to watch."

Garen Daly, Director, Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival

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Three generations of a family are affected in different ways by mnemophrenia, a psychosis caused by advanced Virtual Reality (VR) films that blends real and artificial memories

The film explores how society is affected by and how it adapts to deal with mnemophrenia, a growing new psychosis and the still advancing technology. We see the story unfold over time, through the eyes of three generations of the same family who are all affected and involved in different ways.
The story explores how attitudes to Mnemophrenia would differ from person to person and across generations, going from resistance and fear, through acceptance and eventually even using it to our benefit, pushing humanity towards a new evolutionary step.
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